Cardiac & Healthy Heart Awareness

In 2013, Late Mail Charity Ltd will conduct a number of key fundraising activities before, during and after all Late mail Luncheon events held around Australia.
We aim to raise awareness of cardiac disease and what it means to have a "healthy heart." Raising awareness in men aged 40 years plus about cardiac well-being is critical given that men aged over 40 have a 1 in 2 chance of suffering a heart attack. The need to live a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce the incidence of heart attack or cardiac arrest needs to be communicated and presented at every opportunity.
I should know. I almost died of a heart attack myself at age 43.
Mark Scaife
Event Director
Table Raffle
Each year during the Late Mail Luncheon, our nominated charity sells raffle tickets before and during the event with the Table Raffle drawn live in the room on the day.
Live Auction
The Live Auction each year is a highlight of the day's happenings and always a lot of fun. Guests get the opportunity to bid on a number of key items that are either extremely hard to get or rare money-can't-buy experiences. The Live Auction forms the key fundraising activity of the luncheon.
Late Mail Charity Ltd, our nominated charity for the 2013 Medallion Homes Late Mail Luncheon® II, will benefit exclusively from all fundraising activities undertaken prior to, during and after the Late Mail Luncheon® event.

Event organisers, GLP International Pty Ltd and Late Mail Charity Ltd (LMCL) have entered into a duly executed Fundraising Agreement, endorsed by the Board of LMCL, which clearly sets out what fundraising activities will be undertaken, how they will be conducted and what the projected fundraising revenues are likely to be in an open and transparent agreement.
A number of specific fundraising activities have been agreed will be undertaken including:

Event Day
▫    Table Raffle
▫    Live Auction

In accordance with the Fundraising Agreement, LMCL shall be solely responsible for the management and conduct of all fundraising activities. LMCL is solely responsible for the collection, accounting and apportioning of all monies related to these activities.
Event organisers GLP International Pty Ltd have agreed to assist LMCL in its fundraising activities and will provide both direct and indirect assistance to LMCL in accordance with this agreement to ensure a beneficial outcome is achieved for the charity.
Any or all enquiries related to fundraising matters can be directed to the nominated person(s) responsible at GLP whose details appear below:
Mr Matthew Sweet
Director, Finance & Operations
GLP International
ABN 67 106 890 528
PO Box 3133
Mornington Vic 3931


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